Free Fill-in-the-Blank Collaboration Contract Form for Writers

These are free sample collaboration contracts posted on the web by writer James A. Conrad (me), co-author of Filmmaker's Dictionary with Emmy Award-winning producer-director Ralph S. Singleton. Website: They are based on versions available elsewhere on the Internet, but have new material added to them. These contracts can be used as is or you can copy and paste them into a word processor and revise them as you wish. If you have any good suggestions for improving these contracts, send them to me and I will revise them.

The presentation of this page may change slightly depending on laptop or desktop computer monitor size. The contract pages are best viewed as web pages at 800 x 600 pixel screen size; otherwise, view them in Print Preview to see how they will look when printed. They will print the same regardless of what resolution; i.e., screen width, in which you view them. The writers may also want to initial each page in handwriting to indicate their acceptance. Having the signatures notarized is an option but is not a legal necessity for them to be valid. If you link to here, please link to this entry page and not my individual contract files.

Author Collaboration Agreement

(Use this for books, articles, etc.; for scripts, see link below.)

All .doc versions are in Word 2003 and can be edited. Any changes you make while viewing online will not alter the original file after you leave. It is suggested that you save the document to your computer first and then edit as desired if needed.

Web Page Printout Version: 2 Writers (prints 3 pages) Best web page viewing settings for Microsoft Internet Explorer browser:
Screen resolution: 800 x 600 (it will print the same at all resolutions).
Text size: Medium.
Printer page setup margins: .75 inches.
Remove footer code &u&b&d temporarily in File Page Setup if you do not want the web page address and date to print at the bottom of each page.
In case you want to remove and return the header code (which prints "Screenwriting Collaboraton Agreement" and page number at the top of each page) in Page Setup, here it is for later copy and paste:  &w&bPage &p of &P (leave in the "Page &p of &P" if you would like the contract pages numbered: "Page 1 of 5," etc.).

Supplementary contract forms:

Print the following add-on forms using the above settings: Another contract:  Screenwriters' Collaboration Agreement.

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