James A. Conrad
James A. Conrad
Author and Telekinesis Researcher
Filmmaker's Dictionary James A. Conrad Filmmaker's Dictionary, 2nd Edition, James A. Conrad co-author, with prime-time Emmy Award-winning producer-director Ralph S. Singleton. Over 5,000 terms; the film industry's largest reference dictionary. Published in 2000 by Lone Eagle Publishing, which was acquired by the American company iFilm also in 2000. IFilm was acquired in 2005 by Viacom, now known as ViacomCBS. The holding company for Viacom copyrights is Viacom International, Inc.
The Model-Actor's Dictionary James A. Conrad The Model-Actor's Dictionary, James A. Conrad author. Over 1,700 terms from modeling, acting, television commercials, music videos, etc.; the first dictionary published on the modeling industry. Previously only glossaries were available in the backs of modeling books. 1988, Rivercross Publishing. Note: copyright and income interests in both dictionaries were sold by James A. Conrad to Lone Eagle Publishing in 1999.
Writing projects

castle icon "The Sleeping Beauty" — Feature spec screenplay. A spellbound sleeping princess is awakened by the kiss of a future prince in this fairy tale fantasy set in England in the ninth century and high-tech world of the twenty-third century. An expanded retelling of the Charles Perrault fairy tale La Belle au Bois dormant (1697). Based on a 1981 film treatment by James A. Conrad. 135-page script. Status: available.

castle icon "The Sleeping Beauty" — A short novel adapted from the above screenplay. Status: planned for the future.

Roswell sign "The Wizards of Roswell" — A short screenplay. A mock documentary that presents an intriguing new theory about the famous flying saucer crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Comedy. 21 pages. Status: available.

playing cards icon "Pick a Model, Any Model" — A short screenplay. A street magician out shooting magic tricks with his television crew on a city sidewalk encounters a group of models from a reality show. Comedy. 9 pages. Status: available.

presidential seal icon "Presidential Briefing" — Story. Every year while attending an economic summit, the presidents of the United States, Russia, and China meet secretly for a shared intelligence briefing on the latest visual and audio evidence purportedly of the paranormal, UFOs, and cryptozoology. This year, however, one of the videos they watch contains something extra. Status: available.

Supergirl name logo "Supergirl" (writing sample) — A comic book-to-movie adaptation writing sample (early 1990s). An origin story of the DC Comics character (the original Kara Zor-El from Krypton). Reviews from industry readers at the time: "Highly entertaining and visually exciting . . . Action scenes jump to life, providing fantastic visual descriptions . . . am also impressed by your dialogue . . . Clearly you know your subject and it shows." — film industry story analyst (studio/agency reader). | "You have a good visual sense. Your descriptive writing is excellent. . . . faithful to the comic books." — produced screenwriter-director. | Script: 141 pages. Story: 3 pages. Comment: I had been a collector of Superman and Supergirl comic books begining as a young boy growing up in the 1960s. To research this project I assembled a complete archive (1959-1985) of Supergirl appearances up until the original character's demise in 1985. Status: available if DC Comics would like to turn it into a graphic novel someday. Supergirl logos and characters © and ® DC Comics

book question mark icon Various nonfiction and fiction projects in development not listed here.

Movie involvement (special thanks credit for poster help)
LifeRaft movie poster "LifeRaft" — Feature film (2016). After their boat mysteriously sinks, a group of friends, with no supplies and strange happenings, try to trust each other long enough to survive. Genre: Documentary-style (found footage) suspense/horror/paranormal thriller.  IMDb  Amazon Prime.
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Richard-Attenborough "Hollywood isn't a single place where films are made — it's anywhere films are made."
— Oscar-winning British director-producer-writer-actor Sir Richard Attenborough (1923 - 2014)
James A. Conrad
Quick Personal Data  Mini Biography  /  IMDb
Born:  February 15, 1955.
Height:  6'1".
Eye Color:  Blue.
Children:  None.
Marital Status:  Single, never married.
On Facebook?  No.
Twitter:  @James_A_Conrad
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Frontier Physics — Field of study: Possible consciousness effects on matter.
James A. Conrad James A. Conrad
Strange Talents
Strange Talents — I have conducted private laboratory research in psychokinesis; specifically, telekinesis. That is me in my telekinesis laboratory in 2001, age 46, on the right and as a mysterious toddler working my fingers between one and two years old on the left.
Definition of frontier scientist: A pioneering researcher employing scientific methodology in an attempt to make discoveries at the outer boundaries of known science. (Credit definition by dictionary writer James A. Conrad).
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List: Telekinesis in Movies and TV
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