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10 Scientists Who Have a Connection to Hollywood

Without scientists and engineers, there would be no Hollywood, no global film and television industries. Science and technology have been a part of the film industry since its beginning with the invention of photography and then the motion picture camera. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences bestows Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards every year, including on occasion, Oscar statuettes. These Sci-Tech Awards are not given for any particular film, but for a specific achievement or body of work. The purpose of this list is to provide evidence that scientific researchers and investigators can have a connection to Hollywood and still be taken seriously in their work, some of which may involve proposing ideas that challenge conventional science. Listed alphabetically.
  1. David Brin . . . (1950 – ), American-born astrophysicist; award-winning sci-fi author. Wrote the post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel The Postman, made into a 1997 Hollywood movie starring Kevin Costner. IMDb
  2. Brian Greene . . . (1950 – ), American-born theoretical physicist. Has writing, producing, and acting credits on IMDb
  3. Stephen Hawking . . . (1950 – ), British-born theoretical physicist and cosmologist. Has acting credits on IMDb
  4. Sir Fred Hoyle . . . (1915 – 2001), British-born astronomer and physicist; coined the term "Big Bang"; sci-fi author. Co-created and co-wrote a 1961 sci-fi TV series in the United Kingdom, A for Andromeda, starring Julie Christie, later made into a 2006 film. IMDb
  5. Vladimir Nabokov . . . (1899 – 1977), Russian-born entomologist (insect researcher), lepidopterist (butterfly researcher), butterfly evolutionary theorist, curator of lepidoptera at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University; author in various genres. Wrote the novel Lolita, made into Hollywood movies in 1962 and 1997. IMDb
  6. Bill Nye . . . (1950 – ), American-born scientist-educator; Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering; Executive Director of The Planetary Society; a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Has acting credits on IMDb
  7. Carl Sagan . . . (1934 – 1996), American-born astronomer, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, cosmologist; co-founder of The Planetary Society; co-founder of the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP, now known as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry); award-winning sci-fi author. Wrote only one novel, Contact, originally written by Sagan as a screenplay, then converted into a novel and subsequently made into a 1997 Hollywood sci-fi movie starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. IMDb
  8. Sir Charles Percy Snow (C.P. Snow) . . . (1905 – 1980), British-born physicist, chemist. His detective-style novel series Strangers and Brothers was made into a 1984 TV series in the United Kingdom. IMDb
  9. Neil deGrasse Tyson . . . (1950 – ), American-born astrophysicist; planetarium director; a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Has acting credits on IMDb
  10. Jack Weyland . . . (1940 – ), American-born physicist, professor of physics; author in various genres. Wrote the novel Charly, made into a 2002 Hollywood movie. IMDb

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