Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelessness

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Note: This is a list of celebrities and other prominent and famous individuals who have experienced being homeless for a brief or extended period at one time in their lives, either as children or adults. If available, the location of where the person slept at night is indicated in parentheses. "Camping" refers to homeless camping, not recreational camping.

Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelessness

Willie Aames . . . actor (outdoor camping at age 47 in 2008 after bankruptcy and losing his home to foreclosure) (sources: "Willie Aames: Financial Ruin Led To Sleeping Under Bushes," May 25, 2011, / "'I went from eating at the White House to sleeping in the bushes': Child star Willie Aames reveals the 'stupid decisions' that led to him losing everything," June 3, 2017,
Colonel Abrams . . . . singer-songwriter-musician (streets of New York City a year before his death at age 67).
Lionel Aldridge . . . American football player; television sportscaster-analyst; played in two winning Super Bowl games (homeless for 2 1/2 years).
Rubina Ali . . . actress (age 9, outdoor camping in Mumbai, India after municipal workers destroyed her family's makeshift home located in the slums) (source:, "She's world famous . . . and now homeless. The family of Rubina Ali, the 9-year-old girl who portrayed the young Latika in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, is trying to find shelter after authorities in Mumbai bulldozed their shanty house. This comes less than a week after the home of costar Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10 (young Salim) was demolished.").
Matthew Ansara . . . actor; son of actress Barbara Eden and actor Michael Ansara (car in the Los Angeles area at age 19 after his parents found out he had not been attending or even registered at college as he had claimed) (sources: Barbara Eden autobiography Jeannie Out of the Bottle, 2011, by Barbara Eden with Wendy Leigh, page 250, Eden: "Eventually we were able to discover that Matthew had been living partly on the streets and partly with a friend who'd taken him in out of pity." / 20/20 Downtown, ABC-TV newsmagazine, January 30, 2002, Barbara Eden oncamera sit-down interview conducted by Connie Chung. / People magazine, March 11, 2002, Barbara Eden print interview.).
Nathaniel Ayers . . . classical street musician; musical prodigy; subject of the book and 2009 film The Soloist starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx as Ayers. ("Skid Row" in Los Angeles; developed schizophrenia during his second year of training at Juilliard School).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Iran Barkley . . . world champion boxer (subway train car in New York City in 2010 after being locked out of a relative's apartment for not contributing) (source: New York Post, November 21, 2010: "With nowhere to turn, he slept on the No. 6 train that night as it rattled between Pelham Bay Park and the City Hall station. ... 'Yeah, Im homeless," the champ said, 'but I mean, it ain't gonna keep me down.'").
John Drew Barrymore . . . actor; father of actress Drew Barrymore (streets/shelters).
Jean-Michel Basquiat . . . artist-actor (streets of New York City where he began as a graffiti artist and found fame as a canvas artist with the help of Andy Warhol. The poster at right is for a 1996 movie based on his life. The cast included actors Jeffrey Wright [title role], Benicio Del Toro, David Bowie, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, Parker Posey, Courtney Love, and Tatum O'Neal.).
Arthur Bell . . . ballet dancer (streets of Brooklyn in New York City).
Halle Berry . . . Oscar-winning and Emmy Award-winning actress (shelter in New York City) (sources: Reader's Digest, April 2007, cover story: "Halle Berry: From homeless shelter to Hollywood fame." Page: 89: RD: "Is it true that when you moved to New York to begin your acting career, you lived in a shelter?" Berry: "Very briefly. ... I wasn't working for a while. RD: "How old were you then?" Berry: "I probably was about 21. But a girl had to do what a girl had to do. You can do that when you're 21 and ambitious, and your eyes are this big and you don't want to go home." / US Weekly magazine, April 22, 2007: "Halle Berry was homeless. Berry slept at a shelter in NYC after her mom refused to send her money." / Current Biography Yearbook 1999, pages 62-64: "Berry's first weeks in New York were less than auspicious: She slept in a homeless shelter and then in a WMCA.").
Becky Blanton . . . American author; former newspaper journalist (source website:; source book: Living Well With Bad Credit, by Geoff Williams and Chris Balish, 2010, page 80).
Danny Bonaduce . . . actor; radio-show host; American author (car, just before beginning his radio career).
Matt Borlenghi . . . Emmy Award-nominated actor (streets/truck/outdoor camping in Santa Monica, California) (sources: Entertainment Tonight, June 13, 2002, Matt Borlenghi oncamera sit-down interview conducted by Maria Menounos / Entertainment Tonight website article, June 12, 2002).
John Green Brady (John G. Brady) . . . governor of Alaska 1897-1906 (streets of New York City during his childhood; sent west on one of many "orphan trains," accompanied on this particular trip by future North Dakota governor Andrew Burke).
Sherry Brantley . . . American author; motivational speaker.
T. Casey Brennan . . . American author; 1970s comic book writer (homeless shelter in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA).
Shannon Briggs . . . boxer (streets of New York City while a teenager).
Wes Browning . . . artist; writer; former university professor (cars/kitchen floor of friend's apartment/couch at friend's business).
Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) . . . religious leader; source for Buddhism; Enlightened One in the Buddhism religion (outdoor camping).
Andrew Burke . . . governor of North Dakota 1870-1873 (streets of New York City during his childhood; sent west on one of many "orphan trains," accompanied on this particular trip by future Alaska governor John Green Brady).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
James Cameron . . . Oscar-winning and Emmy Award-winning writer-director-producer; Canadian-born author (car in California in the early 1980s) (source: "IGN Presents the History of the Terminator," May 20, 2009, by Travis Fahs, Quote: "When James Cameron wrote the script — his first feature length screenplay — he was barely making ends meet, even living in his car for a time.").
Kat Cammack . . . Florida U.S. Congresswoman (car for several months in 2011 after losing home) (source: "'Only in America' Could I Go from Homelessness to Congress," November 24, 2020,
Cappadonna . . . rap music singer (self-imposed homelessness on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland: "It was by choice. But it was more of my way of rebelling against the materialistic world.").
Lena Cardwell . . . actress-singer (train, bus, and subway terminals in New York City for two years as a child with her mother).
Drew Carey . . . actor-writer-producer-comedian; television game show host; best-selling American author (car) (source: Entertainment Tonight, May 23, 2002; birthdays segment, co-host Mary Hart: "Which star of The Drew Carey Show once lived out of his car? That's Drew Carey himself, who turns 44 today.").
Jim Carrey . . . actor-writer-producer-comedian (yellow VW van in various Canadian locations with older brother John Carrey, older sister Rita Carrey, and parents Percy Carrey and Kathleen Carrey/outdoor camping in a tent with his family in the backyard of the home of his older married sister, Patricia Carrey).
Todd Chaisson . . . singer-musician; lead vocalist of the band "Substance D" (cardboard box in the back of a grocery store in North Hollywood, California).
Charlie Chaplin . . . Oscar-winning actor-writer-director-producer; British-born author; knighted (streets of London during his childhood after his father died and his mother suffered a mental breakdown).
John Chapman . . . early American naturalist-nurseryman who traveled the American Midwest planting, harvesting, selling, and giving away apple trees; legendized in stories, poems, and songs as "Johnny Appleseed" (outdoor camping/barns).
Anthony Ciccone . . . oldest brother of singer-actress-producer Madonna (streets and under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan, USA after losing his job at the family winery due to alcoholism in 2010) (source: "Madonna's Homeless Brother Dishes on the Pop Queen's Childhood Passover Seders," Tablet, April 9, 2014,, "Ciccone, 57, . . . has lived on the street or in shelters for the past four years,"). / "Madonna's estranged homeless brother, 61, taken back in by her family after going through a revolutionary rehab program where patients are allowed to drink as much as they want," December 23, 2017, "The estranged homeless older brother of millionaire pop star Madonna has been taken back in by her family after living on the streets of Michigan for seven years.").
Kelly Clarkson . . . Grammy Award-winning singer; American Idol television talent show 1st-season winner 2002  (car/shelter, with her female roommate after a major structural fire forced them out of a 71-unit apartment building in West Hollywood, California in March 2002)  (source: Inside Edition television newsmagazine, September 5, 2002; story/interview with her roommate-fellow Texan, actress-singer-dancer Janet Harvick.  Janet:  "It was really, really rough because we had just moved here, and we had just moved in the day of the fire. We knew nobody here — I mean nobody, so the night of the fire, the next day, and night, we stayed in our car." / US Weekly magazine, September 23, 2002; print story:  "'My apartment [building] burned down; my car got towed twice,' recalls Clarkson, who, with nowhere to go, lived in a homeless shelter for several days.").
Willy Chow . . . martial arts master instructor (streets/outdoor camping in Hawaii).
Kurt Cobain . . . Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter-musician; rock star; lead vocalist of the band "Nirvana" (outdoor camping under a bridge in Aberdeen, Washington USA/cardboard box on the porch of a drummer friend/hallway floor of an apartment building/hospital waiting room/old couch in a garage) (source: book, Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain, by Charles R. Cross, 2001).
Kathy Coleman . . . actress; American author (shelter in Washington State as an adult) (source: as described in her 2017 autobiography Run, Holly, Run!: A Memoir by Holly from 1970s TV Classic "Land of the Lost").
James A. Conrad . . . American author; scientist (car, green 1985 Chevrolet Caprice Classic station wagon/outdoor camping) (source: Los Angeles Times, "Homeless, in distinguished company," May 30, 2004).
Daniel Craig . . . Emmy Award-nominated actor; James Bond in the 007 movies (park bench in London while a struggling actor) (sources: Daily Mail newspaper, October 14, 2005 / Biography: Daniel Craig: The Illustrated Biography (2009) by Tina Ogle, Carlton Books, London. Quoting an interview in the Times: "When you first come here [London], you have to survive. ... You have to live off people's floors and rent property and you end up doing runners. I've done awful things to survive, because I had no money.").
Jim Cramer . . . financial television show host; businessman; best-selling American author (1977 Ford Fairmont in Los Angeles at age 23 for five months beginning in the winter of 1979 while working as a newspaper reporter after being the victim of numerous robberies and evicted from his apartment) (sources: "Lessons from Living in My Ford Fairmont," March 28, 2013 by Jim Cramer, / "Crazy, Like a Fox," November 6, 2005,
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Jacqueline Danforth . . . daughter of television journalist Barbara Walters and theatrical producer Lee Guber; founder-executive director of Daughters, Inc. / New Horizons Wilderness Program for young women (ran away from home in 1984 at age 15 and hitchhiked approximately 800 miles across the southwest United States for a month) (source: Dateline NBC TV newsmagazine, October 18, 2002, Jackie Danforth and Barbara Walters oncamera interview conducted by host Jane Pauley.  Jackie: "I ended up hitchhiking with some guy that I, you know, met on the street. And he [eventually] went through my wallet and found a phone number."  Barbara: "And he called me. And then I knew where she was, thank God.").
Frenchie Davis . . . singer-actress; American Idol 2003 television talent show 2nd-season semifinalist contestant; Entertainment Tonight special correspondent (homeless for three months; stayed with friends) (sources: Entertainment Tonight, Februrary 12, 2003; Us Weekly magazine, March 3-10, 2003).
John Paul DeJoria . . . Billionaire American businessman; co-founder and spokesperson of the hair-care company "John Paul Mitchell Systems" (car in his early 20s) (source: "How this entrepreneur went from homeless to billionaire," New York Post, June 23, 2017,, "After high school, he hawked Collier's Encyclopedias while living out of his car. . . . He bounced from street gang to school to the Navy to sales jobs, living out of his car and crashing with Hell's Angels friends when things got tough.").
Tyler Denk . . . male model; The Amazing Race 2006 television reality show 10th-season winner (streets) (source: Entertainment Tonight, September 2, 2002; interview/story, co-host Bob Goen: ". . . and soon he was living on the street.").
Troy Donahue . . . actor (temporary shelters/outdoor camping in Central Park in New York City) (source: "Troy Donahue, 65, Actor Cast In 1960's Teenage Romances," obituary, September 3, 2001, New York Times/Associated Press. Quote: "But with his career in decline, Mr. Donahue began abusing drugs and alcohol; back in New York, he even spent a summer homeless in Central Park. By the early 1980's, he had returned to sobriety.").
Jack Dowling . . . artist (homeless for a year in New York City after the apartment building in which he lived was condemned by the City and given to New York University).
Bobby Driscoll . . . Oscar-winning actor (awarded a special juvenile Academy Award at age 12); the original character voice and close-up animation reference for Walt Disney's 1953 Peter Pan animated movie; also earlier starred in Disney's Song of the South (1946) and Treasure Island (1950) (died alone of a heart attack at age 31 in a vacant East Village tenement building in New York City) (source: "This Day in Disney History: March 30, 1968." Quote: "Two children come across the lifeless body of a homeless man in an abandoned tenement building on East 10th Street in New York City. Because no one identifies the body, the deceased is buried in an unmarked pauper's grave on Hart Island. A fingerprint check in 1969 will identify the corpse as Bobby Driscoll, 31, the voice of Disney's Peter Pan. It is also discovered that the cause of death is a heart attack. Sadly his long history of alcohol and drug abuse was a strong contributing factor to his early death."
D-Vine . . . rap music star (homeless shelter after his mother died).
Andrea Dworkin . . . American author; 1960s anti-war activist, radical feminist (under a bridge in Amsterdam/cot in a movie theater/streets/temporary shelters).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
George Eads . . . actor (one of the stars of the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) (car, in Los Angeles while a struggling actor).
Carmen Electra . . . actress; model; American author (early 20s, Los Angeles area after her boyfriend stole her savings) (source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, "Homeless days helped shape Carmen Electra," by Doug Elfman, July 6, 2009; Electra: "'You know, I had a couple of years of being homeless in Hollywood,' Electra tells me. 'A lot of people don't even know this.' She was in her early 20s back then. ... 'I remember sitting on a park bench in the valley,' she says. 'I was crying because I was stranded. It was over 100 degrees outside.'").
Michael Elliot . . . American screenwriter-producer (streets of Philadelphia for a time while a teenager after dropping out of high school).
Janice Erlbaum . . . American author (shelter in New York City for a time while a teenager).
Lars Eighner . . . American author (streets/vacant buildings/outdoor camping).
Tiffany Evans . . . singer; Star Search 2003 Grand Champion in Junior Vocalist category (van, with family).
Robert Evans . . . Oscar-nominated American film producer (Chinatown, Marathon Man, Urban Cowboy, Popeye, etc.); movie studio executive; author (source: USA Today newspaper "Talk Today" online chat, July 25, 2002. Q: "Did you ever experience homelessness for any length of time? A: "I was living in Havana [as a young man] and was ordered to leave, put on a plane, and landed on a beach. For 24 hours, I was in Key West and was homeless.").
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Richard Fagan . . . American songwriter; has written six number-one hit songs and albums featuring his songs have sold over 25 million copies (homeless twice in the 1970s after being discharged from military service in the Vietnam War).
June Fairchild . . . actress (shelter/streets in downtown Los Angeles) (sources: Los Angeles Times, "Back From the Brink," June 30 2002 "By then she was homeless. She slept in skid row hotels, shelters and — when things got really tough — beneath borrowed blankets inside cardboard boxes on filthy downtown Los Angeles streets." / Entertainment Tonight, July 4, 2002; oncamera interview, including oncamera visits to homeless locations.).
Roch Fautch . . . artist (homeless for about three months after he got divorced).
Doug Ferrari . . . stand-up comedian (car/homeless shelters in San Francisco).
Ella Fitzgerald . . . Grammy Award-winning singer; U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient (streets of Harlem in New York City for a year while a teenager just before she won an amateur singing talent contest at the Apollo Theater).
Blaze Foley . . . singer-songwriter (friends' couches/pool tables in nightclubs/dumpsters).
Anderson Footman . . . singer-songwriter; 2015 American Idol contestant (shelter and subways in New York City after arriving in May 2012) (source: New York Post, February 2, 2015, "From homeless to Hollywood: NYC man impresses 'Idol' panel." Quote: "He's gone from homeless to Hollywood. An aspiring singer who slept in shelters and subway cars in New York got the break of a lifetime when he impressed the judges on 'American Idol' and won a rare chance to compete in California.")
John Francis . . . American author; founder of Planetwalk (walked across the United States and South America beginning in the 1970s).
Benjamin Franklin . . . one of the Founding Fathers of the United States; one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence; best-selling American author, statesman, printer, scientist, inventor, philosopher (ran away from home in Boston at age 17 via a ship journey to New York City, then made his way to Philadelphia on foot and by boat) (source, his autobiography: Memoires De La Vie Privee, published in 1791, a year after his death: "So I sold some of my books to raise a little money, was taken on board privately, and as we had a fair wind, in three days I found myself in New York, near three hundred miles from home, a boy of but seventeen, without the least recommendation to or knowledge of any person in the place, and with very little money in my pocket.").
Franko B . . . artist (homeless for a few years).
Leslie Frederick . . . singer-songwriter; photographer; American author (VW van/sleeping next to her motorcycle at roadside rest stops).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Clark Gable . . . . Oscar-winning actor (outdoor camping) (sources: Motion Picture magazine, October 1935, "I'm No Ladies Man, says Clark Gable" by Dorothy Calhoun. Available at Quote: "Between theatrical engagements, William Gable's boy who ran away from home to be an actor could have been found . . . sharing the slumgullian of other brothers of the road in hobo jungles . . . 'I learned how to come into a drawing room gracefully, how to hold a tea cup, how to bow and how to sit and talk the patter of polite society. In other words I had to learn my manners. Lumberjacks aren't in the habit of taking afternoon tea. Telegraph lineman are more at home in a one-arm lunchroom than at a formal dinner party. Hoboes aren't finicky about forks.'" / book: Clark Gable: Biography, Filmography, Bibliography, by Chrystopher J. Spicer, 2002, page 70: "Clark came to MGM with all the qualifications there were to be the man's man; after all, as well as being a trained actor, Clark had been at various times an oil driller, a lumberjack, a hobo, and a mechanic.")
Chris Gardner . . . Multimillionaire stockbroker; American author; subject of the 2006 movie the Pursuit of Happyness starring Wil Smith (nominated for Best Actor Oscar) as Gardner and Jaden Smith as his onscreen son (subway stations, trains, bathrooms, church-run shelter with his son in California).
John Garfield . . . Oscar-nominated actor (outdoor camping/freight trains).
Mary Gauthier . . . singer-songwriter (streets during her teen years after running away from her alcoholic parents' home).
Charles Gayle . . . jazz musician (streets and abandoned buildings in New York City).
Joe Gilliam Jr. . . . American football player; youth football camp operator; played in two winning Super Bowl games (streets/sleeping in a cardboard box under a bridge in Nashville, Tennessee).
Bruce Goldwell . . . American author (outdoor camping in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, California for nearly a decade).
Kelsey Grammer . . . Emmy Award-winning actor (outdoor camping in back of a theater behind his motorcycle) (source: Entertainment Tonight, December 12, 2001, celebrity "Rags to Riches" story segment, snippet from a 1994 ET sit-down interview).
Cary Grant . . . . Oscar-winning actor (streets of England during his youth at the time of World War I after his mother was institutionalized and his father rejected him) (sources: Cary Grant: A Celebration, book by Richard Schickel, 1983: "At any rate, the homeless boy, now thirteen, had found a home." [a comedy show business troupe] / Cary Grant: A Biography, book by Marc Eliot, 2004, page 31: "That summer, Archie relocated himself to Southhampton. He longed to move in with his father, but Elias said no, claiming that the woman he lived with and their baby, Archie's half-brother, took up all the room in the house. Archie then volunteered for summer work as a messenger and gofer on the military docks, often sleeping in alleys at night if he didn't make enough money to rent a cot in a flophouse.")
Woody Guthrie . . . Grammy Award-winning folk singer-songwriter; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee; author (freight trains/outdoor camping).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Steve Harvey . . . Actor-comedian; best-selling American author (car: 1976 Ford Tempo) (sources: People magazine, October 14, 2013, "Steve Harvey: His Incredible Journey" by Charlotte Triggs, pages 74-76, 78: "When he was starting his career in the late '80s, Harvey, 56, was homeless for three years. 'I lived in a car. I had nowhere to go,' he recalls. 'One or two gigs fell through, and suddenly I was homeless." / People magazine, June 6, 2016, "From Homeless to Having It All," cover story).
Janet Harvick . . . actress-singer-dancer (car/shelter, with soon-to-be rock star Kelly Clarkson after a fire damaged their apartment building in West Hollywood, California; see also above entry for Kelly Clarkson).
Mykel Hawke . . . TV producer-host; American-born author; decorated U.S. Special Forces veteran, survival expert (streets in the American south for a time during his teenage years) (source: The Backwoodsman magazine, May/June 2013, cover story: "A Man Who Never Quits" by Charlie Richie Jr.: "Just when he was starting to enter his teenage years, Hawke became homeless and was forced to survive on his own. [Hawke:] 'One day, when I was 14, I came home after being gone for a week working on a job site and the house was empty, no power or food. I had no family or place to go, so I spent the winter on the streets and that is where I grew a strong interest in all things survival. . . . I grew up pretty poor in Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.'" [In the article, he described Kentucky as his home state.]).
Lemuel Hill . . . Native American artist (streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles during the ages 15-21/outdoor camping in Central Park after moving to New York City).
Cheri Honkala . . . human rights advocate; American author; playwright; mother of actor Mark Webber (streets/vacant buildings/homeless shelters, with her son).
Fiona Horne . . . Australian-born singer; author; rock star; "Australia's most famous witch" (streets of Kings Cross, Australia).
Harry Houdini . . . magician; escape artist; paranormal investigator; Hungarian-born American author (streets/outdoor camping/temporary shelters; left home at age 12 in search of work and traveled for two years on his own, making his way from Wisconsin to Missouri and settling finally in New York City).
Djimon Hounsou . . . West African-born (Benin) Oscar-nominated actor; former model (subway/streets/outdoor camping near the Eiffel Tower for two years beginning at age 13).
James Byron Huggins . . . best-selling American author; journalist; former police officer (car/camping in the woods after using his life savings to help religious freedom activists in Romania).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Don Imus . . . radio-show host; photographer; best-selling American author (between the dryers in a Laundromat in Hollywood, California).
William A. Inman . . . early American attorney; Republican prosecutor-judge (homeless during his youth after both his parents died).
Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail . . . actor (age 10, outdoor camping in Mumbai, India after municipal workers destroyed his family's makeshift home located in the slums) (source:, May 15, 2009, "Slumdog Millionaire star's home demolished: Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail is now homeless,"
Burl Ives . . . Oscar-winning actor; Grammy Award-winning folk singer; American author; voice of the onscreen narrator/singer "Sam the Snowman" in the 1964 children's Christmas television classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (freight trains/outdoor camping; hitchhiked in the 1930s while in his early 20s across America, Canada, and Mexico).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Tom Jackson . . . singer-actor (streets of Winnipeg, Canada).
Vinnie James . . . singer-songwriter (streets in Virginia as a teenager; later as an adult, a shelter in Sacramento, California).
Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua of Nazareth) . . . religious leader; source for Christianity; the Christ; God and Savior in the Christian religion (outdoor camping/temporary shelters) (source: The Bible, Matthew 8:20, Luke 9:58, Jesus: "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.").
Jewel . . . Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter (1979 VW van; joined eventually by her mother/manager Lenedra Carroll, who lived out of her own VW van.) (source: TV Guide magazine, March 16-22, 2009, pg 9. Jewel quote: "I was homeless when I was 18.").
Eddie Johns . . . Liberian-born 1970s disco music star (streets, shelters, homeless for over 10 years in Los Angeles after a stroke) (source: "A homeless L.A. musician helped create a Daft Punk classic. So why hasn't he seen a dime?," Los Angeles Times, May 6, 2021,,).
Randy Johnson . . . American NFL football player (Bread of Life Mission homeless shelter in Punta Gorda, Florida, 1999) (source: Charlotte Sun newspaper, Florida, May 10 1999, republished September 26, 2009 after his death).
Henry Lee Jost . . . lawyer; mayor of Kansas City, Missouri USA 1912-1916 (streets of New York City during his childhood; sent west on one of many "orphan trains").
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Michael Kalesniko . . . Canadian film director-writer-actor (car, with a friend one summer in the 1980s in Canada as they looked for work).
Brianna Karp . . . American author of the book The Girl's Guide to Homelessness (camper trailer park at a Walmart parking lot in 2009 at age 23).
Michelle Kennedy . . . American author (car).
Jack Kerouac . . . best-selling American author (source book: Subterranean Kerouac: The Hidden Life of Jack Kerouac, by Ellis Amburn, 1999, page 218: "In 1955, Kerouac, a homeless wanderer, would shortly popularize Beat Generation concepts in San Francisco and begin to disseminate a message of mystical-religious awareness.").
Chris Thomas King . . . Grammy Award-winning American Blues musician; actor (public parks in London, England).
Eartha Kitt . . . Grammy Award-nominated singer; Emmy Award-nominated actress; American author (apartment building rooftops in New York City).
Robert Kiyosaki . . . financial advisor; businessman; best-selling American author (car in San Diego California in 1985) (source: "What Does it Take to Get Rich?," April 30, 2013 by Robert Kiyosaki, Quote: "The year 1985 was the longest and hardest of my life. Kim and I were homeless. We were unemployed, had little-to-nothing left in our savings, our credit cards were maxed out, and we were living in an old, brown Toyota. After three weeks of that, a friend found out about our financial situation and invited us to stay in a basement room. We stayed there for over nine months.").
KRS-One (Lawrence Parker) . . . rap music star (homeless shelter in Bronx, New York City)..
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Louis L'Amour . . . best-selling American author; Oscar-nominated writer; U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient (outdoor camping/freight trains) (sources: / 1989 book Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L'Amour).
Dick Lane . . . American football player; National Football League Hall of Fame inductee (abandoned in a dumpster at the age of three months and then adopted by the woman who found him) (source: Time magazine, February 11, 2002, obituary).
Richard LeMieux . . . American author, former sports writer; former medical directory publisher (van for two years in Bremerton, Washington state in the early 2000s).
Josiah Leming . . . singer-songwriter; American Idol 2008 contestant (car, Mercury Topaz).
David Letterman . . . Emmy Award-winning television writer-comedian; talk-show host; American author (host of the television talk-show Late Show with David Letterman) (red 1973 Chevy pickup truck while a struggling comedian after moving to Los Angeles).
Isaac Levitan . . . Lithuanian-born Russian artist (empty school rooms in Moscow, Russia after his parents died).
Susan Lewis (Minoret) . . . daughter of actor-entertainer Jerry Lewis (since confirmed by DNA) (streets and temporary shelters in Philadelphia beginning in 2009) (sources: "Alleged love-child of Jerry Lewis is homeless on the streets of NE Philly," January 18, 2017, / "Jerry Lewis and the Homeless Daughter He Cruelly Ignored," August 27, 2017,
Lil' Kim . . . Grammy Award-winning rap singer; actress (car, for a time during her youth with her mother).
Vachel Lindsay . . . American poet (traveled by foot on three "tramps" around the U.S. between 1906 and 1912 reciting his poems in exchange for food and shelter).
Agustin Lira . . . Mexican-born singer-songwriter-musician; film music composer; playwright; a member of the music group Alma (outdoor camping/barns).
Jennifer Lopez . . . Grammy Award-nominated singer; (dance studio at age 18 before her first major job being cast as a dancer on television's In Living Color) (source: Quote: "Lopez moved out of her Bronx home as an 18-year-old determined to be a star. 'My mom and I butted heads. I didn't want to go to college — I wanted to try dance full-time. I was homeless,' Lopez says of nights spent sleeping on a cot in her dance studio. 'But I told her "This is what I have to do."'").
Traci Lords . . . actress-singer-songwriter; American author; former model (outdoor camping while a youth under a bridge one night with other runaway youths, as described in her autobiography Underneath It All).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Richard Mackenzie . . . Scottish-born author; golf caddie manager.
Adam Makowicz . . . jazz pianist (small jazz club where he played and did chores; homeless for two years).
Nary Manivong . . . New York City-based fashion designer (ran away from home at age 14 in Ohio and moved to New York).
Harry Edmund Martinson . . . Nobel Prize-winning Swedish author (abandoned by his mother at an early age along with his sisters when his father died; later as an adult, he traveled for a time on a "homeless tramp" as a vagrant and vagabond, experiences that provided the basis for some of his writings).
Matisyahu . . . Grammy Award-nominated singer; (streets of Burlington, Vermont and friend's couch, before his music career) (source:
Colin McCabe . . . Scottish-born actor (vacant building next to Union Train Station in Los Angeles).
Sam McClain / Mighty Sam McClain . . . Grammy Award-nominated blues singer (streets of Pensacola, Florida).
Pat McDonough . . . American author; Pulitzer Prize nominee (homeless shelter in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA during the winter of 1983-1984).
Rose McGowan . . . actress (streets/sleeping in nightclubs in Portland, Oregon).
Phil McGraw / "Dr. Phil" . . . TV talk show host; best-selling American author; former psychologist (age 12, Kansas City, Kansas USA, after he and his father moved there while the elder McGarw interned as a psychologist) (source: Globe tabloid newspaper, June 22, 2009, pg 42, "Dirt Poor Dr. Phil Lived in a Car!": "TV shrink Dr. Phil McGraw is a multimillionaire now, but as a youth, he was so poor, he was homeless and living in a car. ... 'I was homeless living in a car with my dad. We eventually got a room at the downtown YMCA for five bucks a week...").
Heather Mills . . . British model-television presenter; author; humanitarian; divorced wife of singer-songwriter Paul McCartney (outdoor camping at London's Waterloo train station at age 14).
Ed Mitchell . . . former television reporter for ITN, BBC, CNBC, and media organizations (a bench next to a nightclub in Hove, Sussex) (sources: The Guardian, December 15, 2007; The Mail on Sunday, December 16, 2007 and December 23, 2007).
Robert Mitchum . . . . Oscar-nominated actor (outdoor camping/freight trains while a youth) (source: Saturday Evening Post magazine, "The Many Moods of Robert Mitchum," by Bill Davidson, August 25, 1962, pages 58-70. Quote: "From the age of fourteen, when he quit his poverty-stricken home to hobo aimlessly in search of food and work, he has smarted under what he regards as official brutality and dishonesty. Of his clash with the law at Savannah [Georgia], Mitchum told me, 'I had hopped a freight train with about seventeen other kids and headed South. In my pocket I had thirty-eight dollars — all I had in the world. When we reached Savannah, I was cold and hungry. So I dropped off to get something to eat. The big fuzz grabbed me. "For what?" I asked. He grinned. "Vagrancy — we don't like Yankee bums around here." When I told him I had thirty-eight dollars, he just called me a so-and-so wise guy and belted me with his club and ran me in." . . . During the next two years Mitchum made nine freight-hopping trips around the United States and continued his harsh education in the practicalities of life. He slept in hobo camps and jails, occasionally earning a dollar as a laborer or dishwasher. . . . 'I thought I was really living. But I used to cry myself to sleep every night wondering what my poor mother thought. I'd say to myself, "She must be worrying about me."'").
Knowshon Moreno . . . American NFL football player player (homeless shelters with his father while a child) (source:
Jim Morrison . . . singer-songwriter; poet; lead singer and lyricist for the 1960s rock band "The Doors"; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (with The Doors) (rooftops/cars/under the pier at Venice Beach, California/friends' couches).
John Muir . . . early American naturalist; advocate for the creation of U.S. national parks; founder of the Sierra Club; author (outdoor camping/farms/a cemetary; traveled by foot from Indianapolis, Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico coast in southern Florida).
Joe Murphy . . . former NHL Canadian hockey player (outdoor camping) (source: "Joe Murphy, Red Wings' No. 1 pick, is homeless again — and refusing help," August 8, 2019,
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. . . . singer; America's Got Talent September 2011 sixth season US $1 million winner (car, under bridges at age 19 in West Virginia) (sources: People magazine anadian online, September 15, 2011, "Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Wants AGT Win to Inspire Hope": "Homeless at 19 and working as a West Virginia car-washer . . ." / National Enquirer, October 3, 2011, pg 18: "Landau even ended up homeless at 19 after his parents separated and his mother moved away. 'I had . . . nowhere to go, so I started sleeping in my car or under bridges,' he said, adding that he eventually began staying with his sisters.").
Vali Myers . . . Australian artist; former ballet dancer (streets of Paris, France).
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Frank O'Dea . . . (Francis O'Dea) Canadian author, businessman, humanitarian (steets of Torronto; shelter (source: autobiography When All You Have Is Hope, 2007, by Frank O'Dea).
Michael Oher . . . American NFL football player; subject of the 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game and 2009 film The Blind Side (nominated for Best Picture Oscar) starring Sandra Bullock (winner, Best Actress Oscar) and Quinton Aaron as Oher. (homeless for a time as a teenager in Memphis, Tennessee).
Suze Orman . . . best-selling American author; fiancial advisor (van) (source: Current Biography Yearbook 2003, page 395: "She ended her travels in Berkeley, California, working there as a tree cutter and living in a Ford van).
George Orwell . . . best-selling British author (shelter).
Carré Otis . . . actress; former model; American author (streets in a northern California community) (source: "Why an Ex-Supermodel Who Says She Was Raped at 17 Is Suing Now," Los Angeles Times, August 16, 2021, Quote: "Her parents had split up and her family was deeply unhappy; she was dyslexic and struggling in school. At 16, she ran away and lived on the streets.").
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Gordon Parks . . . film director (Shaft, Super Cops, etc.); "Life" magazine photographer; best-selling American author (empty trolley cars at night while a teenager after his mother died).
Robert Pastorelli . . . Emmy Award-nominated actor (car, a 1967 Dodge, at age 43 while a struggling actor in New York City).
Jaco Pastorius . . . musician; bassist (bass guitarist) (outdoor camping in Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Tyler Perry . . . actor-director-writer-producer; playwright (car: Geo Metro convertible in the mid 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia USA) (source: Best Life magazine, April 2008, cover story: "A Longer, Richer Life: How Tyler Perry Went From Living in His Car to Commanding a $500 Million Enterprise (and Taking Control of the Starship Enterprise)").
Charles Sanders Peirce . . . Harvard University-educated genius scientist; mathemetician; logician; philospher; American author; first psychologist elected to the National Academy of Sciences. (homeless and destitute for a time later in life, relied on charity from friends).
Chris Pratt . . . actor (in Maui, Hawaii, a tent on the beach and a van for a year after moving there from the mainland U.S.) (sources: "Chris Pratt To Letterman: Actor Spills Life Story On 'Late Show'," January 3, 2013, / "Guardians Of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt reveals the Scooby-Doo van he used to live in while homeless in Hawaii," August 17, 2014,
Steven Pressfield . . . American author; screenwriter (car) "I've picked fruit in Washington state, written screenplays in Tinseltown, and was homeless, living out of the back of my car with my typewriter." (source:
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Sally Jessy Raphael . . . Emmy Award-winning television talk-show host; American author (car).
Ronald Ratner . . . father of film director-producer Brett Ratner (Miami Beach, Florida) (source: The Hollywood Reporter newspaper, August 3, 2012, pg 62, "Brett Ratner: My Father Was Homeless, Too.").
Debbie Reynolds . . . Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actress-singer; American author (car for awhile after her divorce in 1973 from Harry Karl, as mentioned in her autobiography).
J.R. Richard (Janis Rodney Richard) . . . Houston Astros baseball player (under an Interstate highway bridge in Houston, Texas, in the early 1990s after losing his home for financial reasons) (source: New York Times, January 23, 1995, "J. R. Richard Struggles With Homelessness,", Richard: "Being homeless means you're broke and you have no place to stay. It doesn't mean you ever give up hope.")
Jonathan Richman . . . singer-songwriter-musician (outdoor camping in Central Park in New York City).
Jose Rios . . . Puerto Rican-born artist (streets/outdoor camping).
Shane Ritchie . . . British actor (streets of Plymouth in southeastern England for two weeks in 1980 at age 16).
Joan Rivers . . . Emmy Award-winning television talk-show host; TV-radio show host; Grammy Award-winning recording artist; best-selling American author; comedienne (car).
Archie Roach . . . Australian Aboriginal musician-songwriter; one of Australia's most popular musicians (streets).
Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo) . . . British-born author; painter; photographer (outdoor camping next to canals in Venice, Italy).
Darryl Rouson . . . Florida State Representative; lawyer; political activist (floor of an office building for a brief period, early 2000s) (source: Miami Herald, April 21, 2010: "Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg, said he used to be homeless about a decade ago and slept on the floor of an office building. 'I understand homelessness,' he said. 'I understand what it means to wash off in a public bathroom. This bill [making homelessness a hate crime in Florida] seeks to protect our weakest.'"
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
"Colonel" Harland Sanders . . . businessman; entrepreneur; founder-spokesperson of the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" fast-food restaurant chain (homeless at age 10 when his mother remarried and he left home due to altercations with his stepfather/car as an adult; slept in the backseat nightly because he could not afford lodging as he traveled around the United States and Canada, sometimes with his wife Claudia, trying to sign up restaurants to use his special fried chicken recipe for a franchise licensing fee).
Bill Schuffenhauer . . . Olympic silver medal winner in bobsledding (public park for a time during his childhood) (source: Quote: "When he wasn't homeless and living in a park, he lived in foster homes.").
Coltin Scott . . . actor (car, after moving to Los Angeles).
Kyle Secor . . . actor (car/yoga studio where he taught).
Tupac Shakur . . . rap music star; actor (homeless shelters).
William Shatner . . . Emmy Award-winning actor-director; best-selling Canadian-born American author (pick-up truck with a walk-in camper on the back for a time after his divorce due to financial difficulties after the cancellation of the television series Star Trek, in which he starred. Included in that time was traveling the east coast of the U.S. appearing in a play on the summer theater circuit and sleeping in the camper with his dog, a Doberman pinscher. Shatner: "I now had three children and an ex-wife to support and I was just about broke. I even lived out of a pick-up truck for a while." Source:, May 11, 2008 / Shatner: "I lived out of the back of my truck, under a hard shell. It had a little stove, a toilet, and I'd drive from theater to theater. The only comfort came from my dog, who sat in the passenger seat and gave me perspective on everything." Source: Details magazine, January 2008. / Shatner: "I'd been a working actor for decades, I'd starred in three failed TV series [Star Trek the most recent] , and I was a divorced father of three children living in the back of a truck." Source: book: Up Until Now: The Autobiography, by William Shatner with David Fisher, 2008, page 159. / Also, earlier in his life, he hitchhiked across the U.S. with a male friend during a summer break after their freshman year in college. Source: from the same above autobiography, page 32: "We had no money, so we made signs reading 'Two McGill Freshman Seeing the U.S.' and hit the road. We spent three months living in cars and sleeping on the grass and on the beach.").
Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi . . . American football player (outside a gym in early 2019) (source: "Months After Being Homeless, Cleveland Browns Receiver Damon-Sheehy-Guiseppi Scores Touchdown," August 9, 2019,
Martin Sheen . . . Emmy Award-winning actor-director-producer (New York City subway while a young struggling actor).
Ed Sheeran . . . singer; British-born author (2008 - 2010 while a struggling young singer; friends couches or floors, train, a heating duct outside of Buckingham Palace) (sources: "What It Was Like To Be Homeless For Internationally Recognized Singer Ed Sheeran," October 16, 2014, Quote: "I didn't have anywhere to live for much of 2008 and the whole of 2009 and 2010, but somehow I made it work. I knew where I could get a bed at a certain time of night and I knew who I could call at any time to get a floor to sleep on. Being sociable helped. Drinking helped. . . . It was just: sleep on the train, session, sweat on stage, drink, sleep on the train." / "Ed Sheeran Clarifies Homeless Rumor: 'It's Been Really Taken Out Of Context'," October 18, 2014, Quote: "I met a lot of people [and] had a lot of experiences that an 18-year-old probably shouldn't have, and when I didn't have a place I would stand onstage and be like, 'If anyone has got a couch tonight,' and it would usually work," Sheeran explained. . . "I went without a bed for some nights — that's it," he said. "It was just that I didn't have a place to stay that night, so I slept on the Central Line and outside of Buckingham Palace, and that was just what I did.").
John Shirley . . . American author; screenwriter (streets of San Francisco in the early 1970s) (source, biography:
Arian Simone . . . Hollywood celebrity publicist; American-born author (car/homeless shelter in Los Angeles after becoming unemployed) (source:, November 3, 2015, "Homeless woman goes from living in a car to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars after chance encounter with real-life Coach Carter led to amazing rags-to-riches tale." Quote: "I applied for over 150 jobs and was hit by rejection every time. I was in shock, on food stamps and had to check into a shelter, it became depressing.").
Marc Singer . . . British-born director; documentary filmmaker; former model (subway tunnels in New York City for two years while making a documentary on the city's homeless).
Leroy Skalstad (Leroy Allen Skalstad) . . . photojournalist; disabled Vietnam war veteran (streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin).
Dave Sloan . . . American author; lecturer; poet (van/outdoor camping in the state of Georgia, USA).
Monique Fagan Smith . . . artist (Central Park in New York City).
Patti Smith . . . Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter; poet (streets, parks, and subways in New York City).
William Smith . . . early British geologist; cartographer; created the world's first geologic map in 1815; given the title "The Father of English Geology" (homeless for ten years due to debts after publishing his large format map; later recognized as a genius and given a lifelong pension by King William IV).
Sonique . . . British-born singer; (streets/homeless hostel at age 16 when her mother decided to return to her native island country of Trinidad).
Skip Spence . . . singer-songwriter; founding member of the band "Moby Grape"; original drummer for the band "Jefferson Airplane."
Sylvester Stallone . . . Oscar-winning actor and screenwriter; film director-producer (Port Authority bus station in New York City) (source: Total Film magazine, August 2010, page 111: "I was broke and basically sleeping in the Port Authority bus station for three weeks straight. I read in a trade paper about this film [The Party at Kitty and Studs", 1970] that was paying $100 a day — for a $100 a day I would wreak havoc. Instead of doing something desperate, I worked for two days for $200 and got myself out of the bus station.").
Scott Stapp . . . Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter; lead vocalist of the band "Creed" (ran away from home at 17 and lived at a friend's house; later as an adult in 2014, slept in his truck "for a couple of weeks" and stayed at a Holiday Inn after claiming the U.S. Internal Reveune Service froze his bank accounts and others stole his money) (sources: 2012 autobiography Sinner's Creed / "Creed's Scott Stapp: I'm Homeless and Penniless," November 26, 2014, / "Creed's Scott Stapp Reveals He's Homeless in Jarring New Video," November 26, 2014, / "Creed's Scott Stapp Alleges IRS Error Left Him Penniless & Homeless," November 26, 2014,
Sly Stone . . . singer-songwriter-musician-producer; rock star; frontman of the band "Sly & the Family Stone" (camper van in Los Angeles, 2011 at age 68) (source: New York Post, front page story, pp 20-21, September 25, 2011, "Funk legend Sly Stone homeless and living in a van in LA").
Lee Stringer . . . American author (streets/subway tunnels in New York City).
Lauralee Summer . . . American author (shelters with her mother during her youth).
Jerry Supiran . . . former child actor (under a bridge at age 39 due to financial problems related to unemployment & loss of childhood earnings) (sources: New York Post newspaper, May 31, 2012, "Ex-kid star homeless," page 6: ". . . his current situation, living under a bridge in central California." / National Enquirer, June 11, 2012, "'Small Wonder' Star Homeless," pages 10-11, authorized interview with photos; Supiran: "I either sleep at the homeless shelter I volunteer at, or under the local bridge.").
Hilary Swank . . . Oscar-winning actress (car, an Oldsmobile/one of two air mattresses on the floor of a friend's vacant house at age 15-16 with her mother after the two moved to Los Angeles from Washington state by car) (source, among others: Reader's Digest, January 2007, cover story: "Hilary Swank: How Her Risky Choice Paid Off" Page 102: "In 1989, when she was 15, Swank and her mom packed up their Oldsmobile Delta 88 and, with just $75, headed to Los Angeles. They lived in the car until a friend gave them a place to stay. Swank's mom used a pay phone to book her daughter for auditions.").
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Tommy Tallarico . . . video game composer; writer-producer; elected to a term (2005-2007) on the Board of Governors of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (Grammy Awards) (Huntington Beach/car, for awhile after moving to Los Angeles from Springfield, Massachusetts).
Howard Tate . . . Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter (streets/homeless for 10 years in Camden, New Jersey).
Terry Tautolo . . . American football player; played in a winning Super Bowl game (tunnel under a Los Angeles freeway leading to the beach later in life after his sports career had ended due to concussions suffered during his career) (sources: "Former 49er Ends Up Homeless After Career-Ending Concussions," CBS-TV San Francisco, November 14, 2012 / "Old Coach Helps Former 49er Battle Back From Homelessness," CBS-TV, Sacramento, California, August 8, 2014,
Joseph Teller . . . Father of magician-comedian Raymond Teller, the silent half of the magic-comedy act Penn & Teller (outdoor camping while a traveling teenager in late 1920s America).
Rob Thomas . . . Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter (park benches/beach; homeless for three years after turning 17).
Lupus Thunder . . . quitarist; member of the rock band "Bloodhound Gang" (homeless for a month).
Rino Thunder . . . Native American actor (Tompkins Square Park in New York City).
Andrew Toles (Andrew Alvin Toles) . . . Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player (behind Key West airport in Florida age 28) (source:
Eckhart Tolle . . . best-selling German-born author, motivational speaker (outdoor camping) (source: "Sunday Profile: Eckhart Tolle," February 15, 2009,
Bill Traylor . . . artist (streets/floor of a funeral home in Montgomery, Alabama USA).
Shania Twain . . . Grammy Award-winning singer (homeless shelter in Toronto, Canada in 1979 at age 14 with her mother and siblings; then alone for a time at age 16 in 1981, squatting in a vacant house and sleeping on a bus, also in Toronto) (sources: autobiography From This Moment On by Shania Twain, 2011, page 14, 16: "Ten hours later, we reached Toronto. Mom got out of the car to use a pay phone while we sat and waited in the car, returning a few minutes later with a piece of paper on which she'd scribbled the address of a homeless shelter. That night, the five of us slept in a crowded, sweltering place on cot-like beds . . ." / biography: Shania Twain: The Biography by Robin Eggar, 2005; Shania: "We drove to Toronto and went to a shelter. We finally got fed every day.").
Rebecca Twigg . . . Olympic silver medal winner (1984) and Olympic bronze medal winner (1992) in bicyling (homeless at 15 and later in her early 50s after her competitive cyclist career had ended) (sources: "What an Olympic medalist, homeless in Seattle, wants you to know," April 15, 2019 / "Olympic Cyclist Rebecca Twigg Has Been Homeless for Over Four Years," April 16, 2019,
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Nastasia Urbano . . . former top model (banking ATM lobbies/streets of Barcelona, Spain) (source: "Former Vogue cover model now lives homeless on the streets of Barcelona after once earning 'a million dollars a year for doing 20 days of work'," February 5, 2019,
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Jean-Claude Van Damme . . . actor (Los Angeles streets) (source: The Sun, UK newspaper, Feb 6, 2009, interview, Van Damme: "My eldest son doesn't know how to deal with society because I over-protect him because of my last life of being on the street and sleeping on the street and starving in L.A. I didn't want him to have that.").
Joe Vitale . . . best-selling American author, motivational speaker (indoor and outdoor locations in Dallas, Texas in the 1970s while in his 20s due to financial reasons) (source: "Homeless To Multimillionaire, Dr. Joe Vitale Discusses Money Tips," June 30, 2012,
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Neale Donald Walsch . . . best-selling American author (outdoor camping) (source: "'Conversations with God': From homelessness to spirituality stardom" The Orange County Register, Orange County, California, October 26, 2006,
Mark Webber . . . actor (streets/vacant buildings/homeless shelters with his mother for a time during his youth).
Terri White . . . Broadway actress-singer (park bench for three months in 2008 in Manhattan, New York City after losing her apartment) (source: People magazine, November 23, 2009, pg 120, "Homeless to Broadway." Quote: "Last year Toni nominee Terri White was sleeping on a park bench. Now she's living a dream.").
Ted Williams . . . radio show host; television commercial voiceover artist; American-born author; "the homeless man with the golden voice" (outdoor camping in Columbus, Ohio, USA for 17 years as an adult due to drug addiction) (sources: "Ted Williams: 'Golden Voice' is clean and sober, but struggling to pay the bills" The Columbus Dispatch October 7, 2014, / "'I should be a millionaire by now': Ted 'Golden Voice' Williams reveals he's sober but broke and struggles with resentment for agents he trusted after finding fame four years ago," MailOnline, October 7, 2014,
Todd Williams . . . American NFL football player (homeless for a time while a teenager).
Charlie Wilson . . . Grammy Award-nominated singer (outdoor camping in Hollywood, California for three years, 1993-1995) (sources: various, including USA Today newspaper, January 25, 2010).
Michael Winslow . . . actor; vocal effects impressionist (Venice Beach in California for a time after hitchhiking from Colorado).
David Wojnarowicz . . . artist; American author (streets of New York City).
Steve Wold (Seasick Steve) . . . folk musician (left home at 13 in Oakland, California and slept on freight trains as a self-described hobo until 1973) (sources: "Seasick Steve: the hobo who moved up to first class," The Telegraph, September 27, 2007, "Kicked out on to the streets at 13, he began his itinerant life, homeless, hopping trains across the South and West, following casual labour on farms." / "Only a Hobo," The Guardian, September 13, 2008,
Lana Wood . . . actress (motel room with daughter and grandchildren at age 71 after being evicted from their California rental home due to increased rent and daughter's mounting medical bills) (sources: "Lana Wood, Former Bond Girl and Sister of Natalie Wood, Now Homeless," Inside Edition, April 26, 2017, / "From Hollywood royalty to homeless: Natalie Wood's former Bond girl sister Lana, 71, reveals she is living in a motel room with five family members," April 26, 2017,
John Woo . . . Chinese-born film director (Mission Impossible 2, Broken Arrow, Windtalkers, etc.) (outdoor camping/crude shelter; homeless at age seven along with his family after a major fire in Hong Kong on Christmas Day 1953 destroyed his home and those of 50,000 other residents: "There was a big fire. We were homeless for a year. We lost everything.").
Sam Worthington . . . actor (car for a time while a struggling actor) (sources:, December 25, 2009. Quote: "I was living in my car before I signed up for Avatar." / Star magazine, January 11, 2010, page 14: "Before Avatar, the actor admits, he was 'living in his car.'").
--------------- Noted Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelesness ---------------
Andrew Zimmern . . . celebrity chef; television host; American-born author (abandoned building in New York City, et al, for a year after being evicted from his apartment in Dec 1990/Jan 1991) (source: "Andrew Zimmern Faces His Addictions," March 20 2019,

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