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These are additional photographs that do not appear elsewhere on this website.
A Science Fiction Story in Three Panels
by James A. Conrad, 2013.
JamesA. Conrad
Here I am visiting the site where local legend has it something strange landed in the 1950s and a nearby farmer was seen driving away with something glowing in the back of his pickup truck.
JamesA. Conrad

It is now a tourist attraction "Mystery Spot" where optical illusions occur.

No, one leg isn't shorter than the other.

Ha! — What else could happen?

James A. Conrad
Perhaps you shouldn't be seeing this.   Frameless version.

JamesA. Conrad
Mystery photo from an unintended odyssey: A wildflower blooms at an intersection in the middle of an old shell-paved road in the Florida wilderness on March 26, 2002. In the background on the right there appears to be something unusual that was not noticed at the time. It is likely an example of pareidolia: recognizing things in vague or random shapes . . . an old palm tree stump, for example. This 35mm film camera photograph has not been altered other than sharpening. Click here for high resolution .png image (4.16 MB). (Permission is granted to republish; please credit photographer: James A. Conrad.)
JamesA. Conrad
A mythical forest gnome with a beard, boots, arms, and a tall gray wizard hat? Or just a collection of unrelated shapes? Who's that dern fool fella over there studyin' me flowers? (Permission is granted to republish; please credit photographer: James A. Conrad.)

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